Jérôme Muscat is a French contemporary artist living in Albi, Occitanie. It is expressed through representations of the human figure, portraits, looks.

He uses and masters several techniques such as drawing, acrylic and watercolor that he puts at the service of his creations. This versatility allows him to enrich his creative process and obtain profound and powerful works.

He draws his influences both from the West, with the Impressionists and Pop Art, as well as from Asia, and more particularly from Japan with the finesse and poetry of "estampes" prints and calligraphy. He is also inspired by abstract art, which is taking up more and more space in his creations, to bring movement, material and textures.

"Fascinated by the human figure, its complexity, and its diversity in both shapes and colors, I use it as a vehicle for my emotions, thoughts and questions."


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